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Actina Ventures is a venture building company at the intersection of Sportech, Fintech, Healthtech and EdTech.
Actina Ventures is developing and accelerating solutions to help tackle the global obesity pandemic, which is becoming a major global concern.
Obesity plays a major role in global health, with increased risks for illnesses and death. With the ongoing Corona crisis, lack of social interactions and physical activity among the global population, the obesity pandemic is getting on the rise.
Actina Ventures not only offers platforms related to physical activity monitoring and motivations, but also educational platforms, as education is also a major factor in fighting obesity.


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Stephane Conti

Stéphane Conti is a Senior Scientist graduated from the ESPCI (ParisTech) and a PhD in physics from the University Paris VI, France. He earned his PhD through a collaboration between the University Paris VI and UCSD (University of California San Diego). With a life-long interest in healthy nutrition, Stéphane Conti has been involved in social impact projects like the development of e-commerce platforms to link independent, organic farmers to the consumer.

Team Album

Amine Berraoui

Amine Berraoui is a trilingual senior financial professional with double master’s in business administration and twenty years’ experience of leadership in Western Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2013, Amine is focusing on the start-up space and was a co-founder in one of the first companies to participate in the FCA sandbox with a blockchain prototype.


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